Healthcare Management

We’re a for-purpose organisation that believes everyone deserves access to quality healthcare!

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can also benefit from ERP technology. It is becoming more important for healthcare organizations and hospitals to implement a robust ERP system. With real-time integrations to clinical systems and bi-directional flows of data, ERP systems make healthcare organizations more efficient and prompt at delivering their services both internally and externally.

  • Online Appointment System
  • Medicine Stock Management
  • Patient Management System
  • Doctors Management System
  • Staff Management System
  • Payroll Management System
  • Pathology Management System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Speciallist Service Management
  • Administration Management System

Healthcare is a busy sector of our rebounding economy – it has a constant influx of new patients and new technologies, and therefore the existing systems need to be upgraded regularly for efficient performance and functionality. Our goal is to offer quality care and programs that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.

We will transform the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, service, innovation and excellence, and be recognized by employees, physicians, patients, volunteers and the community as:
The best place to work
The best place to practice medicine, and
The best place to receive care

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Modules Offered

  • Contact Management
  • Registration Management
  • Medical Records Coding
  • Payment Processing
  • Patients Access
  • Patients Responsibility
  • Diagnosis and Procedure Coding
  • Digital Management
  • Works with qualified & experienced staff
  • Financial Councelling